New to Crain's line-up are the 15’ poles and the Stedi-Rest.

Crain Enterprises Inc. introduced its new 15’ versions of telescopic Prism Poles at this year’s World of Concrete Exposition and the ACSM/APLS Convention. An extension to the already popular lines of Alumilite, Composilite, and Carbonlite/AL Prism Poles, Crain’s customers have been asking for 15’ Prism Poles and Crain responded. The new 15’ poles have all of the same convenient features of Crain’s other telescopic poles, such as the Grip-Tite Locking System (the only lock that truly works), a large, easy to read level vial, and Crain’s revolutionary Topo-Boot that protects the point and stores under the level vial when not in use.

Also, Crain introduced the Stedi-Rest, which is now standard on all of their Prism and GPS Poles. The Stedi-Rest is a multi-functional tool that performs a variety of tasks. One of the most popular applications of the Stedi-Rest is to use it as an equipment “prop” to protect equipment from environmental conditions, such as mud or water. When used with a tripod, the Stedi-Rest can act as a pole support. The Stedi-Rest can also be used to check the calibration of the level vial and recalibrate your vial.