Revenue Sharing Plan helps organizations generate income with web mapping solutions.

Universal Map announced SmartMaps RSP, a new revenue generating plan that provides an advanced web mapping application while also generating income for the organization.

"SmartMaps RSP is a great option for any organization looking to provide web mapping, while generating revenue," said Universal Map's Craig Allen, Technology Solutions Sales Manager.

North Carolina's Charlotte Chamber of Commerce is the first customer to take advantage of SmartMaps RSP under a joint marketing agreement with SmartMaps reseller Target Marketing.

SmartMaps RSP provides the client with an interactive web mapping and data display application for use with its members and participants. Revenue is generated when the client sells the web-mapped display as advertising space. Universal Map and the client share the risk and reward of the success of the project.

Universal Map provides the SmartMaps software and implementation. Target Marketing sells Charlotte Chamber of Commerce (CCC) members a listing on the SmartMaps web mapping solution. Universal Map, CCC and Target Marketing share revenue from these sales.

"SmartMaps will allow our members to advertise their locations and essential information on an interactive web map, and generate additional revenues for our organization. A connection from our database to SmartMaps will automatically change member and Chamber information on the map," said Tony Crumbley, Vice President of Research.