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Autodesk Inc. announced the shipment of Autodesk Envision 8 software, formerly Autodesk Onsite Desktop, an easy-to-use geographic information system (GIS) and design tool for mapping, engineering, and land-use professionals. Autodesk Envision 8 gives professionals the power to visualize, analyze, edit and publish 2D and 3D spatial data in complex scenarios. The additional support for Microsoft .NET, the Tablet PC, and AutoCAD(r) 2004 Design Web Format(tm) (DWF(tm)) files, as well as Autodesk DWG file format, increases the value of Autodesk Envision 8 software as a tool to collaborate and share mapping and design data.

"Autodesk Envision 8 is a powerful application that leverages the unique capabilities of the .NET platform and pen and ink support for the Tablet PC. It provides information workers a powerful, more flexible, mobile, and accurate way to work with dynamic data," said Bill Mitchell, vice president of the Tablet PC division at Microsoft.

"Autodesk Envision 8 is a unique product that integrates the needs of both GIS and civil engineering professionals in an affordable package," said Chris Bradshaw, vice president of Autodesk Infrastructure Solutions Division. "The new features enhance collaboration and foster a seamless exchange of information. We are thrilled to be working with Microsoft to make information available to a variety of users via .NET and almost anywhere via the Tablet PC. And Autodesk Envision supports output of the world's leading design software data format - AutoCAD 2004 Design Web Format 6 (DWF), the latest version of the world's leading design software - to help customers share data for seamless design collaboration and communication throughout project lifecycles."

Autodesk Envision 8 software is an ideal tool for professionals involved in mapping, planning, surveying, civil engineering, and facilities/infrastructure management projects. Autodesk's latest technologies, including Autodesk Envision 8, allow the user to create, share, and manage mapping and design data throughout the project lifecycle. The application works stand-alone on a Laptop PC, a desktop computer, or over the Internet, and will be included in both the Autodesk Civil Series and Autodesk Map Series.

Autodesk Envision 8 Key New Features

  • Extend the functionality of data -- Built on Microsoft's .NET technology, Autodesk Envision 8 software gives organizations the tools to share valuable information and create custom applications. Supporting the Autodesk focus on lifecycle management, the software makes it possible for a variety of users to use and re-use the data in new ways throughout their organization's workflow. In addition to the new Microsoft .NET API tools for buffer and search functionality, users can use out-of-the-box features to explore conceptual design scenarios; share data and design intent; integrate diverse data types from multiple sources without data conversion; and analyze map, design, or database features.
  • Extend information technology to mobile field workers -- Autodesk Envision 8 now includes special tools and interface options to support Microsoft Tablet PC applications, giving users the support they need to take applications and data to the field. The combination of hardware and software eliminates the need to work with small and dim screens, awkward and cramped interfaces, and the slower performance of less powerful mobile devices. This additional functionality helps users extend their organization's information technology to their entire team, including mobile field workers.
  • Capitalize on the world's leading CAD software data format -- Autodesk Envision 8 now includes direct support for AutoCAD 2004 DWG data. Users will capitalize on the world's leading CAD software data format to share data with everyone associated with a project. And because Autodesk Envision 8 supports a variety of spatial data formats natively, you can quickly compile various GIS and design data layers into an integrated display without the need for data conversion.