MapPoint 2002 now reads 90 spatial data formats

Safe Software, Surrey, B.C., Canada, added support for Microsoft MapPoint 2002 to its FME Suite 2002 software. FME Suite 2002 now includes a plug-in that will directly import 90 spatial data formats into MapPoint 2002.

Safe Software's Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) Suite 2002 is stand-alone software that translates data formats, enhances information, and provides unparalleled access to and sharing of information. FME Suite can read, write and transform spatial data, including many Geographic Information System (GIS), Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and database formats. The company's FME application extender allows MapPoint 2002 users to import and project their spatial data onto MapPoint's extensive library of maps.

With the creation of the FME application extender for MapPoint 2002, users of any skill level gain extraordinary spatial data import functionality and the ability to easily visualize business information, communicate key data using maps, and integrate maps into the work they do in Microsoft MapPoint 2002.