Geneq Inc. introduces the SXBlue, the first submeter, Bluetooth wireless GPS mapping receiver that allows you to use off-the-shelf Bluetooth-enabled PDA/notebook computers to collect map data. It also incorporates a patented technology which allows the SXBlue to achieve superior DGPS performance under tree canopy.

The SXBlue is a rugged, battery-powered, carry-on unit that is stowed on the users waist pack while mapping in the field. The power of the wireless Bluetooth link is that all you carry in your hand is the PDA running a GIS data collection software package. The SXBlue continuously sends GPS positions wirelessly to the PDA so mapping is a breeze whether you 're mapping points,lines or polygons.

In addition to providing submeter accuracy, the SXBlue uses the patented Coast technology to achieve superior DGPS performance under tree canopy and near obstructions where the WAAS correction signal can not be reliably received.With the Coast technology, the SXBlue can operate accurately without WAAS correction data for up to 45 minutes without seriously affecting the quality of the positioning. No other GPS mapping product offers this feature.

The SXBlue is targeted at GPS/GIS mapping professionals in industries such as forestry, utility, agriculture and other natural resource industries in addition to municipal, state and federal government users.