Transition incorporated two major developments.

AERO-METRIC Inc. announced that their transition to a complete digital/softcopy production process has incorporated two major developments.

First, AERO-METRIC, INC. has purchased the Z/I Imaging Digital Mapping Camera (DMC(TM) system, which provides a complete digital workflow for data acquisition that includes mission planning, sensor management, digital imagery process and photogrammetric software. A leading photogrammetric engineering firm for Geographic Information Systems (GIS), AERO-METRIC's range of services includes aerial photography, photogrammetry, survey and customized, speciality services for satellite imagery processing and remote sensing. By utilizing the DMC with its innovative framing technology and multi-use sensor, AERO-METRIC can capture large-, medium- and small-scale imagery with a reduced number of photoflights while ensuring highly accurate input for the downstream processes. This ensures that the resulting maps are precise.

AERO-METRIC Inc. chose Z/I Imaging's DMC because of its highly innovative modular design based on Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) matrix (frame) sensors. "Because Z/I Imaging and AERO-METRIC, INC. are innovators in the photogram-metric industry we know that we can depend on the leading-edge technology of the DMC to rapidly produce final products that satisfy our most demanding customers," said Barney Schur, President, AERO-METRIC, INC. "The technical advantage of the DMC's 12-bit imagery will ensure that extremely accurate geometry is delivered for producing the exact results needed in an automated mensuration and triangulation workflow. For our aerial missions, we also need to be able to move large amounts of image data from an aircraft operating in remote areas back to the central processing facility. The DMC not only provides us with the tools to do all this but it makes sure that it rapidly delivers the data, so we can efficiently meet our deadlines."

AERO-METIC Inc. has also added the Optech ALTM 30/70 LiDAR system and software to support direct acquisition of high quality digital terrain mapping solutions with LiDAR. AERO-METRIC's staff has years of experience with LiDAR systems and now we are adding the Optech ALTM 30/70 system to our capabilities. This system provides precision, flexibility, and adaptability to meet our clients' needs.

The Optech ALTM 30/70 represents the state-of-the-art in airborne laser terrain mapping. It is the latest model from Optech Incorporated, the world's leading manufacturer of laser mapping systems. This is the most advanced and versatile laser mapping system on the market - offering the highest laser pulse rate available.

Unlike other systems, the ALTM 30/70 can measure the ground return pulse when multiple pulses are returned for a laser shot. The ALTM 30/70 measures the first, second, third and last return pulse. The last return pulse is the most important, as it represents the last surface hit by the laser pulse - the ground. Other laser mapping systems measure only the first, second, third or fourth returns, but do not guarantee the "last" pulse.

Where the laser pulse passes through trees, multiple returns are generated by foliage at various levels of the tree. With a system that does not guarantee last pulse, the fourth pulse is likely to be from lower branches: the ground return is not captured. With the ALTM 30/70, by contrast, after the third return the system ignores all other returns until the last return is received - the ground return.

Accuracies attainable are:

  • Elevation accuracy of less than +15 cm up to 1200 m altitude
  • Horizontal position accuracy of +60 cm at 1200 m

Mr. Schur summarizes by saying . . . "The addition of these two units will allow AERO-METRIC to continue to streamline our digital production process to deliver cost-effective mapping solutions with an extremely short schedule. We look forward to applying this new process for all of our clients."

Source, AERO-METRIC Inc., Oct. 21, 2003