MENSI, the pioneering developer and supplier of a complete range of 3D laser scanners and 3D point-cloud data editing software, has announced the launch of the new 3D laser scanner GS200.

Enhanced revenue opportunities: the new GS200 opens up opportunities for new activities, including those not even imaginable with traditional methods or low performance scanners. The systems performance is unique: the scanner offers uninterrupted panoramic capture both indoors and outdoors, a motorized 360° field of view, accuracy optimized to 200 meters, 350 meter OverScan capability, 700 meter addressability as well as real time true-color acquisition. The GS200 is ideally suited for scanning large objects such as bridges, tunnels, buildings, roads, process plants and facilities.

Improved productivity: It is now possible to save 65 % to 80 % manpower in many applications, thanks to GS200's high accuracy and speed combined with MENSI's surveyor dedicated software, RealWorks Survey V4. GS200 operation integrates with regular survey equipment (GPS, Total Station) and is equipped with a top adaptor as well as an on-board calibrated video camera.

Fast Return on Investment: GS200 operations allow extensive labor cost savings and is highly suited to continuous day to day use. Compact, highly portable (only 12.8 kg), WiFi ready, easy to use - its light backpack will allow you to carry it wherever you need. GS200 can be battery powered, and offers available Pocket PC control using MENSI's PocketScape software.

High profitability: GS200's unique on-board intelligence and downloadable firmware updates (Upgradeability) significantly extend useful life to ensure continued high levels of profitability after full return on investment. Enhanced data pre-processing, customizable parameter setting, auto focus, dynamic filtering. also add to the GS200 experience.

Source: MENSI, Sept. 17, 2003