DAT/EM Systems now moves into the worldwide GIS marketplace with its new ESRI integration "Stereo Capture for ArcGIS". This new ESRI integration was initially introduced to ESRI's ArcGIS Users at the 23rd Annual ESRI International Users Conference in early July 2003.

"Stereo Capture for ArcGIS" allows ArcGIS Users the ability to collect their 3D spatial feature data directly into ArcView 8.x, ArcMap, and ArcInfo. The new software also offers the ability to check the positioning and height of your 3D spatial feature data and verify it for possible errors, when viewing it superimposed directly over your 3D stereo imagery. Other nifty features include real-time panning and zooming, automatic stairs generation, DTM loading and distribution, state of the art feature editing capabilities, and loading of orientation control data. More enhancements are due on future releases.

"Stereo Capture for ArcGIS" will allow companies to produce immediate results utilizing their existing 3D GIS data. New customers can acquire this new software package with the purchase of Summit Evolution. Existing customers can purchase "Stereo Capture for ArcGIS" as an add on module. A license of ESRI's ArcView 8.x, ArcMap, or ArcInfo is necessary to utilize this new software package from DAT/EM Systems.

Source: DAT/EM Systems, November 6, 2003