Leading U.S. and European remote sensing companies join forces to compete in international geoSpatial markets.

Vexcel Corporation of Boulder (Colorado, USA) and Vexcel Imaging GmbH of Graz (Austria) announced the merger of the two companies. The respective CEOs of each company, Dr. John Curlander of Vexcel Corporation, and Dr. Franz Leberl of Vexcel Imaging GmbH, made the announcement. "While our companies have worked closely together for some time, the merger now officially aligns our corporate direction under a unified strategy", said Curlander. Leberl added, "The merger will permit the use of significant market and technology synergies, offer both organizations a broadening of their geographic presence, and strengthen our ability to compete in the global remote sensing and mapping industry." Under terms of the merger, Vexcel Corporation will own 100% of the stock of Vexcel Imaging.

Franz Leberl founded Vexcel Corporation in 1985 with a focus on remote sensing data processing. John Curlander has led the company since 1992. Under Curlander's leadership the privately held company has gained recognition as one of the world's premier experts in synthetic aperture radar (SAR) signal and image processing, as a leading provider of satellite ground systems, and is known for its precision photogrammetric software and services. Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, the company also has offices in Ottawa (Atlantis Scientific) and in London (Vexcel, Ltd).