Haestad Press, a publisher of water resources textbooks and modeling software, announced the availability of its latest civil engineering textbook entitled "Wastewater Collection Systems Modeling and Design." This book guides its readers through the model-building process and provides real-world applications to address a variety of wastewater challenges, including designing new systems, detecting and correcting inefficiencies, and minimizing pumping costs in systems.

Adding to its practicality, the textbook includes the latest versions of Haestad Methods' SewerCAD software, the industry-standard package for wastewater collection system design and analysis. Engineers and students alike can maximize their learning experience by utilizing the cutting-edge software together with Wastewater Collection Systems Modeling and Design to perform sanitary and wet weather loads, gravity and pressure hydraulics, and analysis of multiple scenarios.

"Wastewater Collection Systems Modeling and Design" was developed for use by designers, managers, regulators, and students. Each chapter concludes with exercises that can be completed by professionals for continuing education credits and by students to reinforce the material. The book brings together the experiences of an international team of experts from both academia and consulting, including critical topics such as:

  • Fundamentals of gravity, pressure flow, and pumping
  • Consideration of solid transport and tractive forces
  • Planning and constructing system models
  • Determining sanitary loads using unit factors, load patterns, and peaking factors
  • Modeling wet weather flows in sanitary and combined sewers
  • Flow measurement in existing systems
  • Model calibration
  • Combined and sanitary sewer overflows
  • Using models in the design of new sewers and the rehabilitation of existing systems
  • Design and operation of force mains and pump stations
  • Design of low pressure sewer systems Integrate GIS and sewer models
  • Using models to address regulatory issues in the United States, Canada, and the European Union.

"Wastewater Collection Systems Modeling and Design" was authored by Thomas M. Walski, Thomas E. Barnard, LaVere B. Merritt, Eric Harold, Noah Walker, Brian E. Whitman, and Haestad Methods' engineers. Contributing authors include Stan Plante, Rick Hammond, Christine Hill, Gordon McKay, and Barbara A. Schmitz.

Source: Haestad, April 21, 2004