New product allows for regional mapping updates.

DigitalGlobe announced it has released the Digital Ortho Quarter Quad (DG DOQQ) product. Produced from recently collected QuickBird satellite imagery, the DG DOQQ provides the high-quality imagery at the highest resolution, making it an up-to-date, cost-effective tool for regional mapping update projects.

The DG DOQQ offers a two-foot resolution, cloud-free, seamless digital image mosaic. The solution is optimally suited to fit many government and commercial customer applications, including geographic information system (GIS) updates, map creation and revision, emergency management and natural resource management.

Many mapping experts traditionally rely on U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) DOQQs for their mapping needs. The DG DOQQ differs from the USGS DOQQ in that it has a higher resolution (two-foot versus one-meter), more image options (black-and-white, natural color, color infrared and 4-band pan-sharpened) and multiple projection options. Ordered in conjunction with the QuickBird Subscription Program, customers will have access to regular imagery updates over their area of interest.

Source: DigitalGlobe, May 10, 2004