New extension to the FYI suite of business automation and content management solutions.

Identitech Inc. announced FYI Visual, a powerful extension to the FYI suite of business automation and content management solutions, that moves Identitech solidly into the Business Process Management market.

FYI Visual is a breakthrough, patented technology that goes beyond traditional charts, graphs, gauges and reports to provide powerful, actionable, real-time displays of business metrics. FYI Visual extends Identitech's solutions for workflow, content management, records management and forms to provide a single, integrated solution for Business Process Management. FYI Visual is also sold stand-alone to provide an actionable and visual interface for any enterprise system.

"FYI Visual changes the way we think about monitoring by making it possible to bring tens of thousands of data points together - on a single screen in a way that intuitively reveals impending problems, patterns, and exceptions that require immediate management attention" states Mark Smith, CEO and SVP Research of Ventana Research. "Real-time monitoring and historical trending from FYI Visual identifies exceptions that must be handled. The rest of the FYI suite takes action by initiating business processes, enabling online data capture through electronic forms, providing immediate access to supporting documentation for decision support, or escalating exceptions through standard notification services such as email or pagers."

Business Process Management Defined: "Business Process Management (BPM) solutions are frameworks that can be used to develop and implement multiple types of process automation applications involving human intervention as well as straight-through processing," states Bill Chambers, Principal Analyst with Doculabs, a research and consulting firm that helps organizations plan for, select, and optimize technology for their business strategies. "Key characteristics of BPM solutions include: a standards-based process application design and development environment; end-to-end transaction management; packaged integration capabilities; process monitoring and analytics; and embedded failover/reliability features. With the introduction of FYI Visual, Identitech has completed its offering to include process monitoring and analytics and is extremely well-positioned to compete effectively in this rapidly growing segment."

FYI Visual in Use: One of the largest county governments in the U.S. is implementing FYI Visual to monitor 12 key metrics on 35,000 employees in an effort to deliver better service to employees and to spot costly trends in areas such as overtime. FYI Visual is helping them make strategic decisions that can save millions of dollars in operational costs per year. FYI Visual is being integrated with Identitech's document and workflow management systems to let the county drill down into the underlying information required for decision making and initiate automated work processes based on the results of metrics that are being monitored "FYI Visual is being implemented at a Western United States Nuclear Generating Station to monitor 17 performance variables for 350 pumps," said Michael Beyer, (Chief Technical Officer) from WT Chen, the systems integrator implementing FYI Visual. "The visual technology will help our client display real-time multi-variable analysis of equipment performance to quickly recognize when maintenance is necessary. FYI Visual will assist our client in reducing catastrophic failures, unplanned downtime, and maintenance duration by focusing attention on failing equipment elements. Our client expects to break even on their investment in less than a year through a reduction in maintenance costs and revenue enhancement because maintenance tasks will primarily be performed based on component condition. Identitech has been very responsive to our client's specific requirements."

How FYI Visual works: FYI Visual integrates with any data source or back-end application, maps it to your business rules, and outputs it for display through color-coded symbols called KEGS (Knowledge Enhanced Graphic Symbols). The color-coded symbols of FYI Visual communicate current, historical, or calculated information and show trends to provide a grasp of how all of these things work together. Each KEGS holds a variable called a Datapoint. Multiple related Datapoints are grouped into Datasets. The technology leverages numeric, binary, and textual data, as well as complex system reports to drive the KEGS. The resulting display is intuitively obvious to non-technical users and can be interpreted very quickly.

The FYI Visual engine is an industry-standard, J2EE-compliant architecture to provide platform independence and high scalability. Data connectors collect information from multiple sources using open, standards-based adaptors. This employs FYI Visual's middleware connectivity tools to mine data from a variety of system types. Data filtering combines, reformats, and massages the information into the necessary formats for final analysis. The engine then applies the domain expert business rules that understand how the data value relates to the user's expectations. This produces the final KEGS display. These KEGS are then combined and represented in their complete data set and automated processes are initiated.

Availability: FYI Visual is available immediately and starts at $100,000.