New enhancements increase ENVI's accuracy and ease-of-use.

Research Systems Inc. (RSI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Eastman Kodak Company, announced the release of a new Service Pack for ENVI 3.6 Software.

The ENVI 3.6 Service Pack features several new functional additions to ENVI 3.6, including support for ASTER 14 (DEM), ASTER 05 (vnir/swir surface emissivity, ASTER 07 (vnir/swir surface reflectance) data products, a radiometric calibration tool for ASTER level 1a and 1b data, and support for ASTER imagery collected at night.

The ENVI 3.6 Service Pack also includes updated AVHRR utilities supporting NOAA-17 AVHRR data; support for several new map projection types, including the RSO style of Hotine Oblique Mercator projections and the New Zealand Map Grid; and a new Landsat 7 ETM tasseled cap transform. The ENVI Service Pack also provides bug fixes for the original ENVI 3.6 release.

Announcing the ENVI Service Pack, Peg Shippert, ENVI product manager, stated, "ENVI has long been known for its timely and extensive support for remote sensing file formats, and for addressing the special processing needs presented by data such as ASTER. The new tools and enhancements added in this Service Pack along with bug fixes augment ENVI's core functionality and usability."