Web Exclusive! March 2003 New and Notable

Tele Atlasreleased its comprehensive turn-by-turn digital map database, MultiNet North America 2.4. This database includes map coverage for the United States, Canada, international waters and country borders, supported by 13 million third-party points-of-interest (POI) data, evaluation data and GDF Viewer+, a tool suite for geographic data file (GDF) viewing, debugging and testing. This release of MultiNet North America 2.4 is available in GDF (geographic data file) format. Additional industry formats are also scheduled for release during the first half of 2003. (Tele Atlas, Menlo Park, Calif.)

Safe Software added support for the Ordnance Survey (OS) MasterMap V2 Address Layer and support for OSTN02, Ordnance Survey’s new and definitive coordinate transformation. OSTN02 greatly improves the accuracy of the transformation from GPS coordinates to Britain’s map system, the OSGB36 national grid. (Safe Software, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Spicer Corporation and RealityWave announced a partnership where RealityWave will embed Spicer viewing technology into its VizStream Platform. Spicer technology will enhance VizStream’s extensive 3D CAD model visualization and collaboration capabilities by adding universal viewing for virtually any 2D document, including CAD, vector, raster, and office formats. With embedded Spicer technology, VizStream now provides a complete 2D/3D, Web-enabled visualization solution for Industrial Data within enterprise applications.

Research Systems Inc. (RSI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Eastman Kodak Company, has released ENVI 3.6. The new version includes new data access tools, correction tools, change detection capabilities and other improved infoimaging features for extracting information from radar, panchromatic, multispectral, hyperspectral, thermal and other types of digital image data. New features available in ENVI 3.6 include new data access tools for reading imagery from sensors aboard the European Space Agency’s new ENVISAT satellite, ImageSat International’s EROS A1 satellite and the new SPOT 5 satellite; new correction tools for radiometrically calibrating DigitalGlobe’s QuickBird satellite data and georectifying SPOT imagery from satellite ephemeris information; new display options, allowing users to choose among several display window configurations; new change detection tools for both thematic and grayscale imagery; new spectral tools provide new classification, sharpening, and hyperspectral analysis capabilities; new spectral library features provide more flexibility for working with spectral libraries; improved spectral mapping wizard with step-by-step guidance for locating and mapping materials in spectral image data; new vector capabilities allow splitting, joining and adding nodes to vector layers; improved QuickMap tool for fast composition of maps and reusable map templates; improved mosaic preview display provides realistic image thumbprint views; and support for the Mac OS X platform. ENVI 3.6 is available on Windows 98/NT/2000/XP, Mac OS X, Linux and UNIX. (RSI, Boulder, Colo.)

UCLID announced the latest release of IcoMap for ArcGIS has been fine-tuned for GIS professionals who work with scanned maps. IcoMap, a parcel-mapping extension for ArcGIS, provides 10-key COGO, patented Text-to-Vector technology and feature editing tools for updates to the parcel layer. New features in IcoMap for ArcGIS 2.0 include productivity tools, several image-handling features and filters for faster image recognition. The combination of new tools and features makes for a decidedly more efficient workflow, especially when scanned maps are the source document. IcoMap’s Text-to-Vector technology converts scanned documents into ArcGIS features. IcoMap “reads” the survey text and draws COGO-accurate linework. Text-to-Vector makes it much easier to convert scanned legal descriptions, deeds and maps. Users have experienced 84 percent productivity gains on average. IcoMap now offers the ability to switch between windows making it much easier to convert scans with curve tables. Users can rotate scans and use more zooming features. These image-handling tools make it more efficient towork with scans in IcoMap. Because there are various ways to write a bearing, UCLID has added OCR filters for handling some of the less common styles. Users can modify the filters to improve recognition rates for their documents' typical style. And new tooltips provide a quick visual reference to verify recognized text. (UCLID, Madison, Wis.)

Spicer Corporation released ViewCafe 3.1, featuring significant enhancements to Far East font display and markup features. New features in ViewCaf?.1 include: Far East font and markup support; advanced layer window; flashing highlight; symbol enhancements; file format support; server-side thumbnail caching; and status message in applet. ViewCaf?s interoperable with other Spicer Enterprise Viewing Solutions and can display markups created in Spicer Imagenation and Image aoX. (Spicer, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)

A.R.E. Inc. offers the CX-Series truck cap featuring a full walk-in rear door contoured to fit the truck’s tailgate. Equipped with rear screens for extra ventilation, the cap also offers an easy grip latch that includes a key lock. CX-Series optional equipment includes a single or double front sliding window, side access win-doors and a Nomadic roof rack. Other optional equipment includes a sport wing with brake light, a rear view wiper or interior clothing rods. The CX-Series is available for most full, mid-size and mini trucks with short and long beds. The walk-in door is available for most models. In addition to the quality equipment, A.R.E. matches the vehicle paint code using a state-of-the-art factory painting system to achieve the closest possible paint match. The cap is guaranteed to be structurally free from defects in material and workmanship including the painted finish for the life of the product on the original truck. (A.R.E. Inc., Massillon, Ohio)

IDELIX Software Inc. released both Version 2.1 of the Pliable Display Technology (PDT) Software Development Kit and the PDT 3D SDK. The PDT SDK 2.1 features the core functionality of the Pliable Display Technology geometry engine for two dimensional data applications. It consists of documented libraries and an API that includes support for major platforms such as the Windows desktop family, Windows CE, and Unix variants such as Linux and IRIX. New to the PDT SDK is a completed port for Mac OS X development, backed by a Mac specific example, product demo, and development support team. PDT 3D SDK is a new product from IDELIX that extends “detail-in-context” viewing functionality to three-dimensional models, such as mechanical drawings. The PDT 3D SDK is built on the existing API of PDT, and offers a way to see an area of interest that is blocked from view by the objects visible in front of it. 3D lenses essentially extend a cone or cylinder toward an object of interest within a 3D model, displacing impeding objects to the outside of the cone or cylinder. Contextual information is preserved, with minimal adjustment to the original structure. (IDELIX, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)

Carlson Software announced Carlson SurvCE release 1.20 is now available for download at http://update.carlsonsw.com/updates.php. All licensed users of Carlson SurvCE can upgrade to release 1.20 free of charge. For more information go to http://www.carlsonsw.com. (Carlson, Maysville, Ky.)

Golden Software Inc. upgraded its MapViewerM thematic mapping package with more than 100 new features and enhancements. Among the new features is the ability to automate MapViewer processes, which allows users to update their maps with new data automatically by calling MapViewer from Golden Software's Scripter program which comes with MapViewer, Visual Basic, Visual C++, or any other OLE Automation compliant language. Two powerful upgrades to MapViewer 5 are the ability to create 3D pie and bar maps and redefine boundary IDs. MapViewer users can increase the visual impact of their pie and bar maps by adding a 3D aspect to them. Interchanging the IDs associated with objects can be particularly useful when there is a conflict between primary IDs in the boundary and data files. In addition, MapViewer 5 can hyperlink IDs and import georeferenced image files. MapViewer 5 is fully compatible with other software. It imports and exports data files in all popular formats, and its functionality can be integrated with any ActiveX Automation-compatible software. Visual Basic, C++ and Perl scripts can be used to call MapViewer to automate repetitive functions. (Golden Software, Golden, Colo.)

DAT/EM Systems International integrated Space Imaging’s IKONOS Stereo satellite imagery into their Summit Evolution digital photogrammetric workstation, working with either the black and white or color imagery. The stereo imagery is the IKONOS 1-meter Reference and Precision products. Epipolar projection is the type of imagery used for feature extraction applications like DAT/EM Systems’ SUMMIT EVOLUTION softcopy system. Products in epipolar projection load directly into SUMMIT EVOLUTION without additional re-sampling. Space Imaging’s IKONOS Stereo satellite imagery epipolar products are produced in overlapping component images of about 5 - 10 km square. (DAT/EM Systems, Anchorage, Alaska)

Z/I Imaging Corporation released I/RAS C Version 8.4 featuring compatibility with Bentley Systems’ MicroStation Version 8 CAD platform. I/RAS C provides high performance imaging capabilities for the vector-based MicroStation product geared specifically for mapping, GIS and photogrammetry users. This new version of I/RAS C preserves compatibility with older versions of MicroStation, including SE and J. I/RAS C is the keystone product of a three-level imaging product family consisting of Image Viewer, I/RAS C and Image Analyst. All three products are based on a common core for compatibility of image and ancillary file formats and common user interfaces for easy transition from one product to another. (Z/I Imaging, Huntsville, Ala.)

Leica Geosystems announced that the ERDAS IMAGINE V8.6 is now shipping worldwide. The latest version of ERDAS IMAGINE features a hyperspectral image analysis enhancement; common vector data access between ERDAS IMAGINE and ESRI ArcGIS’ Geodatabase formats; and makes the IMAGINE Geospatial Light Table (GLT) a standard interface. In addition, the software includes improvements to the IMAGINE Mosaic Tool, such as a dodging option to remove image tonal variations and additional histogram matching capabilities; an image history dialog that allows users to track the genealogy of an image; and new file format converters, including importer dialogs for existing direct-read raster DLLs and a suite of exporters for Defense-oriented file formats. (Leica Geosystems, Atlanta, Ga.)

Eastman Kodak Company’s Aerial and Industrial Materials group introduced three new black-and-white duplication films that produce duplicate positives with extremely fine grain—ideal for duplicating medium and fine grain aerial originals. (Eastman Kodak, Rochester, N.Y.)

Ballantine & Company Inc. released the first two QuickTopics eBooks in its Finance Series “Understanding Financial Statements.” The eBooks are written for nonfinancial professionals who need a quick and easy way to understand the fundamentals of financial management. Each QuickTopics is a short eBook that provides interactive, compact and easy to read information on a key business topic. “Understanding Financial Statements: Building to Sell” uses real world construction industry examples. Using examples from Amazon.com, “Understanding Financial Statements: Testing the Internet Mirage” explains key financial concepts to retailers. Readers can learn how to interpret financial statements while they see how Amazon has used some of the basic rules of retailing, as well as barter deals and goodwill, to grow the company. Both eBooks can be updated annually through a free download from Ballantine & Company so that the content stays relevant and up-to-date, making them excellent reference tools.

Also, Ballantine & Company Inc. announced that its Smart Tools Project Manager and Smart Tools Contact Manager software products allow contractors to easily exchange data with QuickBooks Premier: Contractor Edition 2003. Smart Tools software is designed to simplify the creation, management and sharing of project information between project managers, the project team and the accounting staff that use QuickBooks Premier: Contractor Edition 2003, which contains all of the features found in QuickBooks financial software, with the added functionality contractors need to manage their business more effectively. Multi-user versions of Smart Tools products are available, making accurate contact and project information and files such as E-mails, worksheets, time, cost and plan comparison reports, and Gantt charts available to everyone in a workgroup. The multi-user products eliminate the problems of duplicate files and version control and facilitate information sharing. (Ballantine & Company, Carlisle, Mass.)

Alpha Software Inc. announced the availability of Alpha Five/Qlinker, which allows users to easily and quickly move data back and forth between QuickBooks 2003 Products – including QuickBooks Pro Edition 2003, QuickBooks Premier Edition 2003 and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2.0 and the Five Star Rated Alpha Five database software. Users are able to: build highly customized reports based on QuickBooks accounting data using Alpha Five’s powerful and flexible visual report writer; Incorporate data from QuickBooks, and use Alpha Five’s E-mail merge capabilities to send out highly personalized invoices and reports in PDF and HTML format; use Alpha Five to design fully customized data entry screens, including enhanced error checking, lookups and validation, then transfer this “clean” data to the appropriate files in QuickBooks; use the robust analytical and statistical tools offered by Alpha Five to “mine” data from QuickBooks and generate greater insight into their company’s business, thereby increasing profitability and competitiveness; analyze and reformat QuickBooks accounting data for use by other users in a company; quickly and easily build robust and highly customized Alpha Five database applications based on QuickBooks data; use Alpha Five’s sophisticated multi-file personalized letter and E-mail merge features to increase sales, improve customer server and streamline purchasing; eliminate double entry of data into information and accounting systems; and track additional data about clients, prospects, vendors, etc. over and above the requirements of QuickBooks. (Alpha Software, Burlington, Mass.)