SECO Manufacturing Company Inc. Introduced the 5198-50 ATV Pole Bracket System

SECO Manufacturing Company Inc.introduced the 5198-50 ATV Pole Bracket System. This system, designed to fit a rover rod and radio antenna pole to an ATV, makes mobile surveying easier and safer. This new system connects to the ATV's luggage rack with U-bolts; and only standard tools are required for assembly. The system secures 1" to 1 1/4" diameter poles. The quick-clamp handles make loading and unloading fast. SECO also introduced the 62 mm Blinking Strobe Prism. This prism features a red LED light, which pulses every two seconds and is useful for low-light or nighttime work conditions. All of the electronics-including the Sanyo CR-1/3N camera battery-are built into the canister. The battery is designed for approximately 48 hours of use and is easy to replace. The sealed canister features a standard M20 thread and can be used with most SECO and other brand targets and holders. SECO also added site cones to its double-yoke Stakeout Mini Prism. The new 6405-10 model features the cones on both sides of the assembly. The cones' shape im-proves vertical an-gle pointing and the white color allows an instrument's crosshairs to be more visible and center more precisely. The site cones also double as tilting-axis lock knobs. The prism assembly features an adjustable 40-minute vial mounted on the front side. The prism can be set at 0 and -30 mm offset positions; it measures 100 mm from point to tilting axis, and it can be handheld or pole mounted. (SECO, Redding, Calif.)