Interoperability webcast a big hit with delegates.

Following the launch of their Interoperability Kits in September, Laser-Scan, Autodesk, Intergraph and MapInfo last week delivered a webcast to show the Kits in action. The event centered on their work to advance interoperability for organizations where separate departments require a range of GIS applications.

A live demonstration illustrated how data digitized in one application is instantly available in the others, with the quality of the data being preserved by Laser-Scan's Radius Topology. In particular, the Kits address the consistent handling of auxiliary information for text and point data, such as orientation.

The new functionality stems from an interoperability initiative by Autodesk, Intergraph, Laser-Scan and MapInfo. Along with Oracle, the four vendors have created Interoperability Kits for customers looking to build and leverage multi-vendor systems. The kits are based on Oracle technology and automatically convert geographic feature types that are compatible across two or more systems.

Jay Lakshmi, Sales Manager from Rolta UK Limited, was among the delegates. He commented: "By centralizing our data in Oracle Spatial, we can continue to use our GIS application of choice, and then access or export the data using other applications according to customer requirements. This reduces the time required translating between different formats, as well as reducing the risk of data errors being introduced during translation. This means that we can use Radius Topology inside Oracle Spatial to ensure that the data is always clean and correct."

Laser-Scan's immediate solution is facilitated by the use of Oracle database, with Laser-Scan's Radius Topology product enabling the application of server-side rules to ensure consistent, unbreakable, accurate data. Laser-Scan's Radius Topology is an advanced spatial processing environment, which extends Oracle Locator or Oracle Spatial and provides dramatic improvements to the speed and consistency of spatial data handling. Radius Topology is truly interoperable; whether solutions rely on Autodesk, Intergraph or MapInfo GIS, Radius Topology adds the benefits of advanced data intelligence.

As members of the Open GIS Consortium (OGC), Laser-Scan, Autodesk, Intergraph and MapInfo are committed to submitting the results of this effort into the OGC standards setting programs. The Interoperability webcast and is now available for viewing on the Laser-Scan website at Laser-Scan's Interoperability Kit is available at

Source: Laser Scan, Dec. 1, 2003