NavCom Technology Inc. Introduced the NCT-2030M

NavCom Technology Inc.introduced the NCT-2030M, a 12-channel, versatile, low-cost, dual-frequency GPS engine offering 64 megabytes of internal memory for data logging. The sensor delivers sub-millimeter dual-frequency, carrier-phase performance, and where free WAAS or EGNOS corrections are available, can achieve half-meter real-time horizontal positioning via two dedicated SBAS channels. The NCT-2030M incorporates 1 PPS output, Event-in and CAN ports as standard. A simple software upgrade can add RTK capacity, raw data rates up to 50 Hz and positioning rates up to 10 Hz. Factory upgrade options allow for NavCom's global real-time StarFire decimeter performance or an integrated spread spectrum radio for RTK positioning. The rugged nature of the housing makes this new dual-frequency receiver the solution for high accuracy GPS applications in vehicle navigation, machine control, structural monitoring, GIS, survey, inshore hydrography and OEM integration. (NavCom, Redondo Beach, Calif.)