This Lead Technologies release supports DjVu and MrSID formats for smaller file sizes, true portability and enhanced viewing.

LizardTech announced its DjVu and MrSID file formats are supported within new Leadtools Version 14.

LizardTech's geospatial imaging MrSID format has unique compression capabilities. Using MrSID, users can instantaneously view and manipulate images, locally and over networks. MrSID also enables seamless browsing, updating, and easier archiving. Users can pan and zoom seamlessly; multi-resolution capabilities enable the creation of clearer images with each mouse click.

LizardTech's open-format DjVu technology transforms the process of working with digital images and scanned color image documents, and facilitates highly accurate optimal character recognition (OCR)--even when using color image documents. DjVu image documents are the smallest in the industry, up to 1,000 times smaller than TIFF files, and anywhere from 5 to 100 times smaller than JPEGs or PDFs. Using DjVu, users can eliminate repetitive tasks. Anyone can access DjVu and MrSID files; free plug-ins are available at

Source: LizardTech, Dec. 15, 2003