Offers built-in drafting and native support of DGN and DWG.

Bentley Systems, Incorporated, announced the release of Bentley PowerSurvey. With this product, the company brings to surveying a complete, low-cost solution that is based on and compatible with its market-leading mapping and civil engineering platforms.

PowerSurvey offers surveying consultancies and engineering firms a full set of tools for the capture, transfer, and analysis of survey data. As it is CAD-based, it provides immediate visualization throughout the survey workflow. PowerSurvey communicates with all industry-leading survey data collectors and supports the DGN and DWG file formats – a first in CAD-based surveying.

Perhaps the highest productivity feature of PowerSurvey is the user-definable feature database. This capability allows surveyors to generate and view drawings with feature and point details onsite for immediate verification. This feature and workflow also facilitates standardization and reduces misunderstandings from field surveyor to designer.

PowerSurvey integrates existing survey and civil engineering systems and promotes reuse of data. By connecting field-surveying devices to a personal computer, laptop, or tablet PC, users can easily share survey data with other systems without translation. Also, PowerSurvey information can be managed, shared, and distributed through Bentley collaboration servers that support a managed environment for AEC information.

Specifically, PowerSurvey works bidirectionally with the GEOPAK and InRoads civil engineering products as well as MicroStation GeoGraphics. These products can reuse all survey data. For field stakeouts, PowerSurvey users can upload GEOPAK or InRoads data to data collectors.

Available immediately, PowerSurvey is a part of Bentley’s V8 Generation and leverages many of its new capabilities, including design history and digital rights management. PowerSurvey is available through node-locked licensing or through concurrent licensing with Bentley SELECT, Bentley’s comprehensive technology and subscription program.

Bentley Systems Incorporated