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After the devastating forest fires in Portugal, there is a strong need to assess the dimensions of the disaster and to coordinate the aid efforts. European Space Imaging collected high-resolution IKONOS satellite images of the affected regions in Portugal on Sunday, 17th August and coordinated first evaluations and analysis with its technology partner, the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

The IKONOS imagery allows for objects as large as 80 centimeters to be clearly distinguished and gives a very detailed overview of the degree of damage in the areas ravaged by the forest fires.

The images show that not only large areas of forests and agricultural land have been affected, but also many towns and villages. The blazes have been worst in Central Portugal between the town of Santarem and Castelo Branco as well as in the mountainous regions east of the city of Aljezur in Southern Portugal.

The satellite imagery and the results of the first analysis have already been supplied to the Portuguese Civil Protection.

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Source: European Space Imaging