Raytheon Company has signed an agreement with IONIC under its NASA Synergy IV contract to extend the IONIC OpenGIS Web Coverage Service to support HDF-EOS. As a world leader in interoperable Web mapping, and distributed geo-processing, IONIC will enable Raytheon to expose NASA’s EOS-DIS ‘Data Pools’ for use by the global OpenGIS network.

Under the requirements of the contract, IONIC will interface with the NASA developed HEG Tool Kit, and extend IONIC’s GeoTIFF WCS engine to support a variety of HDF-based data formats within NASA data pools.

IONIC currently plans the release of its OpenGIS WCS engine in the 3.1 release of its RedSpider Web (RSW3.1) product – IONIC’s out-of-the-box, easily-deployable, configurable portfolio of secure OpenGIS conformant spatial web services. In total RedSpider Web will then support WMS-SLD, WFS-T, WTS and WCS interfaces.