Rascal GPS owners can now obtain a free copy of the latest Rascal firmware.

Rascal GPS ocan now obtain a free copy of the latest Rascal firmware (version 3.0) from Allen Osborne Associate, Inc. The Version 3.0 Rascal firmware includes the following capabilities at no cost:
  • Time-based Tagging
  • Distance-based Tagging
  • SSPT: On/Off for simultaneous saving of tag and SSPT information
  • The ability to enter survey points and calculate position based on azimuth and range
  • Improvement in ease of uploading future versions of firmware
  • Ready access to COGO (with appropriate Upgrade - UPGR030)

In addition to the above free capabilities, the new firmware (with paid authorization code) sports several other new capabilities, as follows:

  • Inversing for bearings, horizontal, slope and ground distances
  • "Traversing" for area and perimeter values
  • Bearing-bearing intersections
  • Bearing-distance intersections
  • Distance-distance intersections
  • Calculator-like functionality for common Surveying problems

Source: Allen Osborne Associates Inc., May 10, 2004