GBA Master Series Inc. and Eden Systems Inc. announce the completion of phase one of a three-phase collaborative software integration.

GBA Master Series Inc. (gbaMS) and Eden Systems Inc. announce the completion of Phase One of a three-phase collaborative software integration. gbaMS is a public works and water resources software developer with headquarters in Overland Park, Kan. Eden Systems, headquartered in Renton, Wa., provides financial software solutions for local government agencies. Designed exclusively to meet the needs of the public sector, Eden software modules include general ledger, budgeting, accounts payable, purchasing, accounts receivable, fixed assets and project/grant accounting functions; a Human Resources module for managing employee data and payroll requirements; and a Citizen Services module for managing parcel, permit and inspection, utility billing, and business licensing functions.

The integration between the GBA Master Series software suite and Eden's InForum Gold accounting applications will provide government agencies with robust solutions to manage infrastructure assets, financial accounting, payroll and billing, human resources and citizen services. The GBA Master Series maintenance management applications (work orders, preventative maintenance, customer requests) will link to InForum Gold accounting applications. The combined application will reduce the need for redundant data entry between departments and will easily cross-reference data from respective systems.

The completion of Phase One occurred simultaneously with the release of GBA Master Series software version 6.70 this past June. Through the Phase One software integration, common data links enhance project accounting, payroll and general ledger applications, and tracking. The following InForum Gold modules are part of Phase One integration with the GBA Work Master program: Payroll, General Ledger, Project Accounting, Inventory, and Accounts Receivable.

Phase Two of the continued implementation is due for completion later this year and involves streamlining data including the location and calibration of a municipality's water meters, consistent parcel identification and easy address look up features, enhanced services for requests, permits and billings, and centralized address repository.

The integration's third phase will take shape based on results of the release of the first two stages. Input and implementation experiences gathered from strategic test sites will help define its development.

Source: GBA Master Series Inc., Aug. 5, 2004