A new company name reflects 77 years of progress.

To keep up with its own expanding services and the advancing needs of its customers, Portland Precision Instrument has changed its name to The PPI Group.

Those familiar with the company, one of the West Coast's largest suppliers of survey and construction tools and software, will have an easy time with the change. Many have already been using the shorter, more conversational PPI abbreviation for quite some time. Now the company has made the name official. Co-owner Tigue Howe emphasizes, "Everything else about us is the same. The same ownership. The same locations. The same technical support. Everything, except the name."

The PPI Group, and with it a new, updated logo, reflects a business that has evolved since its start in 1927 as an instrument supply company, as the old name suggested, to the full-service company that it is today. In addition to serving the needs of the design, engineering, surveying, architectural, construction and manufacturing industries, The PPI Group also provides cutting-edge technology services. A full-service Autodesk Systems Center, PPI offers sales, consulting and expert technical support, plus training in a number of software systems. In fact, last year, fifty percent of the company's business was in its software division.

The new name also better encompasses the locations the company serves, and its employees in those areas. With two stores in Washington, as well as its store in Portland, Oregon, Howe hopes The PPI Group name will give the business a new sense of cohesion and an even stronger family feel.

Source: PPI Group, April 2, 2004