Intergraph's G/Electric provides foundation for integrated repository of asset information.

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions announced the successful rollout of its G/Electric-based geofacilities management system at Niagara Falls Hydro. Located in Ontario, Canada, the utility distributes electricity to approximately 33,000 customers throughout 80 square miles.

G/Electric replaced Niagara Falls Hydro's legacy geographic information system (GIS) with an advanced geofacilities management system that maintains the company's electric distribution network and provides integration among relevant corporate applications. The new system saves time by reducing redundant processes and enabling more efficient capture, design, and analysis of network asset information.

According to Niagara Falls Hydro's John Compostella, director of Engineering and Operations, "G/Electric is providing a data warehouse and common repository for all asset information required to support planning, estimating, and work management."

G/Electric's open architecture facilitates integration between geospatially related applications and supports an integrated Geospatial Resource Management environment, providing seamless workflows among applications that manage and maintain the company's service-delivery network. G/Electric interfaces to Niagara Falls Hydro's transformer database, as well as its Customer Information System, and allows office personnel to access and view current asset-related data. The next phase is under way and will integrate G/Electric with work estimating.

According to Arthur Spencer, executive vice president of Utilities & Communications, Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions, "We are delighted that Niagara Falls Hydro is now in production with our G/Electric solution and already reaping benefits. We applaud their vision for a true enterprise geofacilities database and the expanded payback afforded by the Geospatial Resource Management environment."