TDS is now offering an upgrade program from Survey Link to ForeSight DXM. The list price for this upgrade is $300 (ForeSight DXM normally lists for $399). When you purchase an upgrade from Survey Link to ForeSight DXM your dealer will activate your old Survey Link hardware lock for ForeSight DXM. You will also receive a ForeSight DXM manual and CD from TDS.

ForeSight DXM was designed as a replacement for Survey Link. Survey Link will continue to be supported. The latest version 7.5.5 is available for download from the TDS website. In the future, no new features will be added to Survey Link.

ForeSight DXM (Data eXchange Manager) gives you better ways to view, manage and analyze your survey data. You can easily transfer data from Survey Pro to your laptop or PC so you can use it to see your survey graphically. ForeSight DXM helps you manage project files, check data for accuracy and completeness, make simple edits and prepare data for your field survey or CAD development.