Cyra Technologies Inc. Released Cyclone CloudWorx v2.0

Cyra Technologies Inc.releasedCyclone CloudWorx v2.0for AutoCAD in two versions: “Basic” and “Pro.” CloudWorx Pro v2.0 enables users to automatically create accurate piping drawings and models directly in AutoCAD from point clouds captured by Cyrax 3D laser scanners. The user can model and represent piping as centerlines for routing and tie-point analyses, or as cylindrical surface models for clash detection. Piping as-builts can be created either by picking a point on a point cloud to automatically “region grow” (i.e. include neighboring points) or by creating a fence around a group of points and instructing the software to automatically create pipe. Segments of modeled piping can also be automatically extended and connected to intersect and create a piping run. (Cyra Technologies, San Ramon, Calif.)