Leica Geosystems Releases HDS3000 Scanner and Cyclone 5.0 Software

Leica Geosystems(through its Cyra/New Business Div.) announced the Leica HDS3000 scanner. Leica also announcedCyclone 5.0, its next-generation software for processing and managing laser scan data. The HDS3000 time-of-flight scanner has the look and feel of a survey instrument and supports standard surveying procedures, such as instrument setup over a survey point, height-of-instrument measurement and instrument orientation. This provides direct geo-referencing of scan data and simplifies the registration and alignment of multiple scans. Other features include a standard tribrach mount, efficient battery swapping, a QuickScan mode for fast scene selection and improved weight/portability. An internal color camera enables calibrated image overlays of the scanned scene that aid in visualization and target acquisition. The HDS3000 combines SmartScan Technology with a maximum 360º horizontal FOV and a maximum 270º vertical FOV. Cyclone 5.0 allows for a ten-fold increase in the size of laser scan datasets that can be easily managed, viewed and processed. This capability leverages Cyclone's Object Database Client/Server architecture, which lets multiple users access scan data without having to copy files to mul-tiple workstations. Navigating through point cloud data has also been simplified through a much-expanded Limit Box function. (Leica Geosystems, Atlanta, Ga.)