Leica Geosystems Releases New TPS110C and TPS410C

Leica Geosystems announced the introduction of a new family of surveying total stations optimized for construction and building applications.

"These new TPS110C and TPS410C are robust and reliable total stations, which have been designed specifically to increase efficiency and productivity on building sites," said John Asaro, product manager, construction. "They can be used for layout of structures, checking as-builts, missing line measurements and alignments. Leica's "˜Construction' software combines the most important tasks into an integrated program, reflecting the workflow of construction jobs and building site measurements, making it easy to learn without special training."

The TPS110C has a handy keypad with just six function keys. The high-end TPS410C features a high-resolution LCD with graphical user interface and onboard memory that eliminates the need for additional data loggers. Other features include standard camcorder batteries for full-day operation, endless drives and laser plummet.

The TPS110C and TPS410C total stations incorporate electronic distance measuring technology, with standard infrared measuring to prisms and optional reflectorless measuring to 80m with a visible red laser. The narrow bandwidth of the laser beam permits precise pointing to the target.

New also is the concept of open performance specification. "If a user likes the TCR410C because of its ease of use but requires greater accuracy, he can easily switch to a higher-level model, providing 7", 5" or even 3" angular accuracy and 2mm electronic distance measuring, while still taking advantage of the Construction software package," said Asaro.

The TCR110C reflectorless total station and all TPS410C models have a serial data interface for communicating with a PC or other devices.