John Hansen will speak on how GIS fits in information technology.

John J. Hansen, Secretary of Technology for the State of Colorado, will present a luncheon address at the 16th Annual GIS in the Rockies Conference. Mr. Hansen will present his vision of Information Technology (IT) in Colorado, and how GIS fits into that picture. Keith Hangland, Chair of the GIS in the Rockies Board of Directors, said "We are honored to be able to announce that Mr. Hansen has accepted our invitation to address this year's conference. Our attendees always appreciate an opportunity to hear about technology priorities at the state level."

The address is scheduled to begin at 12:30 p.m. on Thursday October 2nd at the Plaza at the Mart.

John Hansen served as Chief Technology Officer since he was appointed Secretary-Designate of Technology and Chief Technology Officer by Governor Bill Owens last December, and assumed the role of Secretary of Technology on July 1, 2003.

Hansen was formerly the President and CEO of the Colorado Institute of Technology, a position he held beginning November 2000. Under his direction, CIT put more than $3.6 million of private-sector funds into 19 technology-focused higher education programs with the potential to retrain and upgrade the skills sets of nearly 7,200 Coloradoans statewide. Hansen is a successful entrepreneur, having founded and grown several new-economy technology companies. He has a passion for and commitment to building the nation's most dynamic and technology-educated workforce to power Colorado's economic future.

Hansen's 19 years of tech and telecom experience encompass top-level executive and engineering responsibilities, most recently as CEO of Boulder-based Solant. After several senior engineering positions, he founded network product developer Networks Northwest Inc. in 1990. In 1994, Hansen founded wireless software provider Metapath Corp., and served as its chairman and CEO until the merger with Mobile Systems International in 1998 and subsequent sale to Marconi PLC.