RESON announced the newest addition to their diverse single-beam echosounder product line: the NaviSound 110 Single-beam Echosounder. Ideal for small survey vessels and remote operations, the NaviSound 110 is a compact, low-cost single frequency digital echosounder designed for a range of hydrographic and remote operating applications.

The NaviSound 110 is reliable and easy to operate. Compact and lightweight, the system is designed as a unique, paperless “black box.” The unit has a dedicated channel module that can be easily configured to operate with any commercial echosounder transducer, and an affordable side-looking sonar (SLS) option is also available.

Delivered with a PC Windows terminal and control program, the NaviSound 110 data output is supported by all survey software packages. The control and display software can graphically display, record, and playback the depth profiles on a PC.

The NaviSound 110 is a member of RESON’s single-beam echosounder product series, which are manufactured and tested to meet the most stringent requirements for quality, reliability, and durability.