Rugged and waterproof, MobileMapper CE runs embedded Microsoft Windows CE for ease-of-use and flexibility in asset management and mobile mapping applications.

Thales introduced MobileMapper CE, a handheld GPS receiver for geographic information system (GIS) and many other data collection applications. Priced afforadably, the MobileMapper CE GPS receiver offers an impressive array of high-performance features, including real-time, sub-meter GPS positioning, embedded Microsoft Windows CE .NET, Bluetooth wireless technology, removable SD card memory and an all-day removable battery that make it attractive for a wide variety of demanding GIS data collection and mapping applications.

The MobileMapper CE GPS receiver is equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology for cable-free connections to other Bluetooth-equipped devices such as mobile phones and PDAs. Features such as removable SD card memory and field-replaceable battery make the MobileMapper CE receiver flexible and convenient for long days in the field. The MobileMapper CE GPS receiver delivers real-time, sub-meter accuracy through the use of DGPS corrections.

The MobileMapper CE GPS receiver is designed to operate in harsh environments where standard consumer-grade pocket computing devices such as PDAs and other less rugged GPS receivers are easily damaged. Built to withstand a 4.9 foot (1.5 m) drop to concrete and remain waterproof even when totally immersed in water, the MobileMapper CE GPS receiver is expected to have wide appeal for use by field personnel in public safety, civilian and federal agencies, utilities, environmental monitoring, natural resources and a host of other industries and organizations where management and mapping of field assets is desired.

Source: Thales Navigation, July 21, 2004