Highlights fromPOB's new offerings.

New Stuff!

I have to admit that I'm pretty excited about this issue. A great deal of effort goes into each and every issue ofPOB. The selection of feature articles. In-depth coverage of industry news. The latest product and personnel announcements. Exclusive product surveys providing instrument and software specifications. Creative art direction. Innovative production layout. And, of course, classified, regional and national advertising that lets you know what equipment, software and services are available to you and that helps support our publication. We even give sincere attention to the selection of the math problem each month!

And while new material is frequently sought, this issue in particular offers-in my opinion-a great bunch of stuff! At the risk of narrating our table of contents, please allow me to proudly highlight a few items wrapped around the theme of "new":

  • POB covers Leica Geosystems' new complete System 1200. This new all-in-one system was designed to give surveyors all they need to do their work-whether it be with total station technology, GPS or level data-and the software to work with the data.
  • The Museum of Surveying is in the midst of a new capital campaign to expand its exhibit space and offer more for its visitors by adding a second floor to its current facility.
  • Our inaugural laser rangefinder survey answers the call from surveyors for specifications on this important tool.
  • A new columnist to POB, Mickie Warwick, PLS, discusses a database for easy corner reconnaissance.

On behalf of all of us at POB, we hope you enjoy these editorial highlights.

Ongoing New Stuff!

Two new additional pieces to this April issue are equally exciting, if not more exciting: our new project contest and our inaugural supplemental publicationSite Prep! These two items are introductions to more good things to come-increased coverage of your experiences and reporting of the dynamic world of construction site preparation.

Our Highlights in Surveying Project Contest is a chance for you, our valued readers and dedicated professionals, to strut your stuff-on paper. We know you're out there doing amazing work that's needed, highly valuable, and oftentimes interesting and cool. So tell us about it. Your experiences just might be published for our tens of thousands of readers to enjoy as well. And, if our panel of judges select your projects as the Highlights, you'll win prizes! Think of the prestige! Think of the exposure!

Our supplemental publication, Site Prep, is another very thrilling undertaking. From our research, we've found that geomatics professionals consider construction surveys, site preparation work and machine control activities the market segments with the largest opportunity for business expansion. With growth comes a need for more information. And what better medium to provide this information than the premiere publication serving geomatics professionals? We'll "dig" into the topics affecting surveyors, contractors and machine operators on construction projects of all kinds. Check out our first volume on this highly evolving sector of surveying, and be sure to check out our accompanying website, www.siteprepmag.com.

Enjoy your new stuff!