NovaLIS Technologies, a supplier of land information management products to governments, is pleased to partner with Satori Software, a Washington-based company specializing in address quality and mailing applications.

NovaLIS is slated to implement Satori Software's MailRoom ToolKit as part of an Assessment Office implementation in Lafayette County, Louisiana. Beyond this implementation, the two companies look forward to future opportunities to implement Satori's solution with Assessment Office and other pieces of NovaLIS' integrated land records management suite.

The NovaLIS Product Suite includes: Assessment Office, Land Development Office, Parcel Editor, and Land Titles Office by ILS. Assessment Office combines CAMA, assessment administration systems, geographic systems (GIS), document imaging, and workflow management technology to fully automate property appraisal. Land Development Office automates government land management practices such as permitting, code compliance, licensing, planning, project tracking, and growth management. Parcel Editor is an ArcMap extension to improve the editing of cadastral information. Land Titles Office by ILS automates land titles and registry agencies, and facilitates management of lands owned by one jurisdiction or agency.

The NovaLIS product family is built using ESRI's GIS Products and Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) software. The result is a spatially enabled, integrated, workflow oriented suite of solutions.

Source: NovaLIS, April 12, 2004