Berntsen International introduced the new Atlas Copco gasoline powered breaker/drill. By the same company that made the Pionjar 120, the Cobra Combi meets U.S. EPA Phase I emission regulations (EPA1) by being equipped with a catalytic converter and carburetor. In addition to this, new vibration-dampening handles have reduced vibration levels over 35% and a new silencer has cut noise levels. With no compressors, hoses or cables to set up, the Cobra Combi is perfect for those smaller jobs. Weighing less than 60 lbs., it fits easily in the back of your pickup and is available with carrying harness for those tough jobs in remote locations. This machine is an ideal tool for installing any of Berntsen's patented rod monument systems, when you need precise vertical control with monuments driven to refusal. Not just for surveyors, this multi-purpose machine has a range of 18 different tools so you can use it for everything from driving to drilling, compacting and breaking up concrete and asphalt.

Source: Berntsen International, April 22, 2004