Integrated GIS solution for surface and drillhole mapping improves exploration productivity.

Geosoft, a leading provider of geospatial software for earth science industries, announced the launch of TargetT for ArcGIS, a surface and drillhole mapping extension to ESRI's ArcGIS software. Target for ArcGIS is planned for commercial release in the third quarter of 2003.

Target for ArcGIS simplifies the compilation, mapping and analysis of geospatial data within the geographic information system (GIS) environment. Built on the same technology as Geosoft's industry-leading DPA (Data Processing and Analysis) software, Oasis montajT, Target adds powerful spatial data processing capabilities to ArcGIS.

"Our global exploration customers that use ArcGIS as their main software interface have identified data integration as a key opportunity for time savings and work process improvement," said Tim Dobush, CEO, Geosoft Inc.

Target will bring advanced gridding, contouring, and drillhole mapping tools to the ArcGIS environment, providing essential, integrated functionality that enables more productive use of geospatial data for timely exploration decision-making.

Using Target, geoscientists working within ArcGIS can:

  • Create and display gridded data and contoured maps
  • Easily generate drillhole sections and plans
  • Import, display, and analyze drillhole and surface maps, enabling the integration of surface and sub-surface data in final interpretations and maps

Available worldwide, Target for ArcGIS supports a range of industry applications and users, including geologists, exploration managers and environmental scientists.

"Target for ArcGIS enables geoscientists to efficiently work with all their geospatial data within one integrated environment, eliminating the need to move between different stand-alone applications. It also maximizes the value extracted from the data, by providing the processing power, speed, and ease-of-use required for effective manipulation of high-volume, multi-disciplinary data," said Dobush.

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