Laser-Scan has launched Radius Topology 2.0 to deliver even more power to spatial data management. With its new features Radius Topology 2.0 offers enhanced performance, enabling users to increase productivity, cut costs and reduce storage requirements.

Radius Topology 2.0 now introduces new indexing methods for the topological primitives. This new indexing method means the building of topological information is considerably faster than in Radius Topology 1.0.

In addition to indexing Radius Topology 2.0 allows the end user to directly edit topological primitives in the data. Direct edits to topology primitives can save time and ensure high quality of data when editing shared linework. For example, if a County boundary changes, the geometries of districts, wards, political boundaries, parishes etc... that share the boundary can be updated automatically by a single edit, saving valuable time.

Summary of new features:

  • Support for multi-geometries and collections
  • Editing of topology primitives to allow fast, accurate single-edit maintenance of shared line-work
  • Faster multi-user updates through concurrency control
  • Real world feature storage options
  • Improved topology creation via new index for topology primitives
  • Improved configuration manager GUI.
  • Improved, expanded and updated documentation
  • A tutorial and free sample data

Laser-Scan's Sales & Marketing Director Duncan Guthrie comments:

"This version of Radius Topology offers users and partners even more opportunity to add value to their investments and solutions."

Radius Topology is a dynamic topology management layer stored in Oracle9i, creating a server-side topological solution for handling the structure of spatial information. Radius Topology acts as a "gatekeeper": only clean, accurate data is permitted to enter the database. Inconsistent data is automatically corrected, within the bounds of user-defined business rules. So, while you're concentrating on business-critical tasks, you'll have the peace of mind that Radius Topology working hard behind the scenes to ensure that your data is error-free and business-ready.