Trimble Introduced 5601 DR and 5601 IR Total Stations

Trimbleintroduced the high-precision Trimble 5601 DR total stationand theTrimble 5601 IR total stationusing an infrared EDM. The Trimble 5601 DR total station option delivers an accuracy of ±(1mm+1ppm) to a single prism up to 5,000 meters away using the same EDM that provides reflectorless distance measurement accurate to ±(3mm+2ppm) up to 70 meters. With an angular accuracy of one second and control unit flexibility, the Trimble 5601 IR total station’s infrared EDM is accurate to ±(0.8mm+1ppm) up to 50 meters, and to ±(1mm+ 1ppm) up to 2,800 meters. (Trimble, Sunnyvale, Calif.)