Leading GIS software company brings advanced data compression standard to millions.

Lizardtech Software announced that Autodesk, the world's leading design software company, has incorporated recently-released lossless MrSID technology into Autodesk Inc.'s latest version of some its software products. As a result, millions of users of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and civil design software gain the ability to quickly and efficiently view and store original-quality imagery. Autodesk's support for the lossless MrSID technology satisfies increasing market demand for image encoding processes that preserve all of the original fidelity. In addition, growing demand for using large imagery over remote networks creates need for the sophisticated compression algorithms contained in GeoExpress with MrSID.

Many Autodesk applications require numerically accurate pixels. Autodesk's support of lossless MrSID is designed to address that growing market need for images and designs that are identical to the originals, in a format that makes them usable in their desktop and web applications.

Autodesk supports lossless MrSID in its Autodesk Map 2004, Autodesk Map Series 2004, Autodesk Civil Design 2004, Autodesk Land Desktop 2004, Autodesk Survey 2004, Autodesk Raster Design 2004 and Autodesk MapGuide 6.3 products.

Said Karen Morley, director of product management, geospatial imaging, at Lizardtech, "Our customers have been asking for native support of lossless MrSID in their applications. This gives them access to numerically accurate images at the same speed and efficiency of previous MrSID versions. This agreement with Autodesk provides these benefits to millions of users of Autodesk products."

Lossless Encoding Increases Image Accuracy
Lossless MrSID is wavelet-based imaging technology that dramatically increases the value of geospatial data by making it more accessible and useful while maintaining the highest level of quality and accuracy.

Lossless technology maintains numeric pixel fidelity between original and encoded imagery, enabling geospatial imagery to be used in new applications, on more devices and across more networks. In addition, it provides dramatic reductions in the cost of storing, sharing and using geospatial information.

Automatic Mosaicking Saves Image Creation Time
In addition to the lossless data capability, advanced mosaicking features included in GeoExpress allow users to easily create a single mosaic automatically from multiple sources. In an industry-first, organizations that update imagery, such as governments, data providers and civil engineering firms, will be able to update existing MrSID mosaics without re-encoding. They will also be able to mosaic existing tiled MrSID images into a seamless MrSID mosaic, automatically. Together, these benefits will save time and reduce storage needs.

More information on GeoExpress with MrSID can be accessed at: www.lizardtech.com. More information on Autodesk can be found at www.autodesk.com.