Microsoft joint development program partner highlights new operating system's benefits at embedded systems conference.

Tripod Data Systems (TDS) announced that it will demonstrate the data safety features available in Microsoft's new Windows CE .NET 4.2 operating system on its ReconT handheld computer at the Embedded Systems Conference. TDS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Trimble, developed the rugged Recon handheld computer for all-day operation in extreme environments.

The TDS Recon is ideal for a variety of mobile computing applications including surveying and mapping, civil engineering and construction, utilities, forestry, facilities and asset management, military and law enforcement.

"Customers demand the safe and reliable return of valuable data collected in the field," said TDS Research & Development Manager LaVonne Frazier. "With Windows CE .NET, Recon takes advantage of data-persistent features that save all programs, user and registry data to built-in non-volatile flash memory."

Recon prevents files from being inadvertently stored outside of non-volatile memory by the special way it mounts its flash file system, eliminating the volatile RAM file system. In addition, its hive-based registry feature keeps program options and settings safe, eliminating the need for backups in the event of power loss. Other products depend primarily on RAM for data storage, which increases the risk of data loss.

"As a member of our Joint Development Program, TDS has worked closely with us to take advantage of the data integrity and storage features in Windows CE .NET 4.2 for enhanced data protection in the Recon," said Scott Horn, director of the Embedded and Appliance Platforms Group at Microsoft Corp. "Through our collaboration, TDS was able to more rapidly build and deliver a new rugged mobile and small-footprint device to market."