Blue Marble Geographics is pleased to announce a new round of feature/function upgrades to BeyondGeo. BeyondGeo is a simple and complete Internet map server solution that enables businesses and organizations to easily and cost-effectively publish interactive maps on their web site. Blue Marble currently serves over 120,000 customers in over 100 countries. Learn more at and at

The focus of development on BeyondGeo has primarily been behind the scenes. Blue Marble developers have updated the ftp engine, improved download speed, improved redundancy and system reaction to network interruptions, and added a loading status bar at the bottom of all maps. A new print button option has been added that allows users to print a particular area of a map with or without the legend. The "Find tool" for querying the map has also been upgraded and improved. Lastly, space has been added in the map legend for the addition of miscellaneous text or information deemed helpful by the BeyondGeo user.

Towns, cities and government agencies can use BeyondGeo to display parcel and tax data as an interactive map. Real Estate, retail, and business development organizations can use BeyondGeo to create property maps. Ski companies and resorts find the tool to be a great way to get the word out about their amenities, weather conditions, and to simply drive traffic to their web sites. Resource Management and non-profits use BeyondGeo to share the results of their initiatives and projects with the public instead of filing away all their work.

"BeyondGeo is known for its ease of use and these results prove that you can also display reliable, intelligent maps with the tool," stated Blue Marble's Director of Business Development Patrick Cunningham. "The great thing is we've done all these improvements without raising subscription costs."

Source: Blue Marble Geographics, Oct. 29, 2003