Users benefit from more coverage and a new source focusing on telephone verification.

DMTI Spatial of Markham, Ontario, Canada's leading provider of comprehensive geospatial products and services, launched CanMap v7.3 and Enhanced Points of Interest (EPOI) v3.0.

CanMap v7.3 presents consumers with exceptional accuracy and coverage by providing access to more than 85,000 new kilometers and more than 120,000 new road segments nationwide. CanMap Streetfiles now provides customers with access to an unprecedented total of more than 1.5 million road kilometers across Canada.

This release of DMTI Spatial's Enhanced Points of Interest (EPOI) v3.0 comes complete with a new source focusing on telephone verification, resulting in greater accuracy and coverage for more than 1 million business and recreational points of interests.

Other DMTI Spatial products being released at this time include: CanMap RouteLogistics v7.3, CanMap Major Roads and Highways v7.3, CanMap Water v1.3, CanMap Rail v1.3, CanMap Parks v1.2, Six Digit Postal Code Files v7.3, Enhanced Postal Code Files v7.3, Forward Sortation Area (FSA) v7.3, Municipal Amalgamation File (MAF) v1.2, and GeoPinpoint Suite v5.0.

Source: DMTI Spatial, Nov. 18, 2003.