Free news feed provides daily content for CAD. CAM and CAE websites.

TenLinks, Inc., the largest online CAD, CAM and CAE media company, recently announced today that it will make its industry leading news gathering service available as a news feed. By cutting and pasting simple code supplied by TenLinks, companies can feature the same news on their websites that appears on, as well as in TenLinks Daily, the industry's foremost daily newsletter. The news is available in several categories, including MCAD, CAE, CAM and AutoCAD.

"Now companies can supply their customers the most relevant and up-to-date news," says Roopinder Tara, president and CEO of TenLinks, Inc. "Our editors spend hours each business day scouring hundreds of sites to find the latest, most relevant news items for our industry. Now, with very little effort, a company can place a snippet of code on their site and that news will automatically appear on their site as soon as it does on our own."

One company to jump on this opportunity was had been searching over the past years for a suitable solution for news content for their visitors. "Most companies were unable to provide a solution that would be able to be incorporated seamlessly into our site," said Michael Robinson, President of "We were able to incorporate and customize the TenLinks news feeds into our site in a matter of hours. With the addition of the news feeds, we provide added content that enriches our visitors experience. With extensive coverage of top news items for the day and ability to customize both the look and the news content covered TenLinks is the best choice for news feeds. TenLinks news feeds is just one more example of why TenLinks is the leader in online news and information for the CAD industry."

TenLinks uncovers news on every aspect of the CAD, CAM and CAE industry, including: -New product announcements and updates -The latest CAD, CAE and CAM articles, reviews and tutorials -Industry events -Business news: mergers, acquisitions, partnerships -Big sales and contracts -Financial information -Key management changes

The format of the news feed can be modified as needed.News is also available sorted by subjects such as MCAD, CAE, CAM and AutoCAD. Colors, fonts and format can vary. The news will be updated every weekday except holidays. It is available only in English. It is currently available in two lengths, one with 10 news stories and a shorter one with five news stories.

Cost and Availability

News feeds are available immediately and are free. Click on feed/ to see list of categories currently provided. Companies that need further refinement or selection of news items, such as filtering out news of competitors, are encouraged to contact TenLinks to set up a fee-based subscription service.

Source:, Oct. 31, 2003