Topcon Releases GPS+ Firmware Version 2.3p1

TopconreleasedGPS+ Firmware version 2.3p1, available for download by authorized dealers. New features include the ability to specify a maximum number of satellites included in CMR messages; output of GPS navigation data (sub-frames) in message; time corrections processing under GPS+GLONASS mode improvement; modified loops thresholds; debugging/research messages dC,d2 in the default set of messages; new options DIST and CORI; range of the scale factor in the object/par/datum/USER to ±1000 and range of the rotations set to ±3600.0; parameters for specifying reference station IDs that correspond to RTK inputs; and range of the parameter /par/pos/pd/inuse changed to equal -1 - 4095. (Topcon, Pleasanton, Calif.)