Blue Marble Geographics Releases 2002 TIGER/Line Map Kit

Blue Marble Geographicsreleased the 2002 TIGER/Line Map Kitwith new versions of its TGR2SHP and TGR2MIF translators. TGR2SHP and TGR2MIF are Windows-based applications for converting or batch processing TIGER 97, 98, 2000 and 2002 files to ArcView Shapefiles and MapInfo MIF files. Users can choose one of these translators with purchase of the 2002 TIGER/Line Map Kit. Blue Marble produces exact digital copies of the TIGER/Line CDs as provided by the Census Bureau. 2002 TIGER/Line Map data replaces 1990 geography with current information. Some major features include on-the-fly merging; on-the-fly unzipping of TIGER archives; output organization options; and layer control options. (Blue Marble Geographics, Gardiner, Maine)