Four-dimensional secure imagery solutions based on eSpatial's commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies.

BAE SYSTEMS C4ISR and eSpatial announced a strategic partnership to develop and supply four-dimensional secure imagery solutions based on eSpatial's proven commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technologies. eSpatial's iSMART product suite provides a unique, open standards infrastructure for spatial applications delivered on COTS database technologies. It features highly scalable and efficient server-based processing of geographic, spatial and image data for fast delivery to a distributed user community. This meets the Network Enabled Capability (NEC) needs of the defence community and removes the limitations imposed by traditional desktop approaches. iSMART offers real-time data update, enhanced visualisation and high quality analysis of geospatial and image information over very low bandwidth networks, freeing communications capacity for other tasks.

"Key to the delivery of spatial information systems is the ability to integrate multiple high volume data sources and to distribute that data to users in precisely the graphical format and footprint that they need," said Philip O'Doherty, Group Chief Executive Officer, eSpatial. "eSpatial's iSMART technology provides new levels of service for geospatial information integration and distribution."

"Under the partnership, BAE SYSTEMS C4ISR will develop and deliver next-generation solutions to support NEC based on eSpatial's iSMART technologies. They will provide commanders with a complete and constantly updated picture of their battlespace environment. The first applications to be developed under the partnership will be demonstrated to the defence community at BAE SYSTEMS' Battlespace Management Evaluation (BME) Capability centre in Farnborough, UK, next month," said Kevin Porter, BAE SYSTEMS C4ISR's Director of Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance.