The Elite Eight products include Lazer Zone, three new reflectorless total station models, a new HiPer RTK GPS system, a new modular GPS+ receiver, a new Windows CE-based handheld field controller and a new CORS GPS system.

Topcon took the wraps off eight new products and technologies during the ACSM Conference and Exposition in Nashville, Tenn. Leading the line-up, a new laser-based technology is being combined with Topcon GPS systems to give the user millimeter accurate vertical measuring precision. This new Lazer Zone technology consists of a special laser transmitter and sensing unit that work with existing Topcon GPS+ hardware to enable high precision work at a fraction of the cost of a robotic station without the single-user limitation.

Topcon's Elite Eight members also include: three new reflectorless total station models, the GPT-8200 robot, the GPT-7000 with Windows CE onboard data collection and the GPT-3000 with wireless data collection; the HiPer Pro, a cable-free RTK GPS system with integrated UHF radio; the GB-500 modular GPS+ receiver; the FC-100, a Windows CE-based handheld field controller; and TopNET, a new CORS GPS system.

In addition to the Elite Eight, new versions of Topcon software and new accessory items were also introduced.

Source: Topcon, April 18, 2004