A new map locator tool is now available in the USGS online store and provides a quick and easy way to find and order a topographic map. The catalog is online atstore.usgs.gov.

Topographic maps have long been popular with hikers, campers, hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts, as well as city planners, engineers and other business people and are available for all locations in the United States at various levels of detail.

The map locator will show a map of the United States where a point can be selected and re-drawn with more detail, depending on the zoom factor selected. At certain zoom levels green boundaries and map names are displayed to identify maps available for purchase.

Another search feature will display all USGS products available for a geographic point selected.

Customers can also bypass the map and directly select a state/region from drop-down menus. An additional drop-down menu is available to select product lines.

Map searches can be made by using the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) which contains information of nearly 2 million physical and cultural geographic features in the United States--from populated places, schools, reservoirs, and parks to streams, valleys, springs, and ridges.

The products can also be ordered from a network of authorized USGS retailers. A listing of the retailers, by State, is available on the Store.

Source: USGS, April 16, 2004