SOKKIA has created SDR Level 5, V5.51 software.

The full functionality of SDR Level 5 increases productivity by offering topographic survey, stake out, roading and coordinate geometry (COGO) capability. And the ability to switch between GPS and terrestrial sensors saves time and money.

The new version has been upgraded to provide support for the GSR2650 LB receiver. Data formats supported include OmniStar HP, OmniStar VBS, Proprietary (RTK), CDGPS and WAAS. And for the Axis3 receiver, data formats are supported for OmniStar VBS, Beacon, CDGPS and WAAS. WAAS has also been added as a data format choice for SOKKIA's high-end L1/L2 receivers; this requires an authorization code.

SDR Level 5, V5.51 also includes a new "Position Mode," which allows WGS84 positions to be recorded at the GPS rover end. This is beneficial for those receivers used in a "stand alone" method, such as the Axis3 and GSR2650 LB. These receivers can utilize satellite-based correction services without using a base.

Other features include new installations for the Juniper Allegro and PocketPC (Ipaq) handheld data collectors. This will lead to compatibility with other Pocket PC-based handhelds in the future. Finally, enhanced fonts and screen formatting have been added to allow for more data on display.

Source: POINT Inc., March 5, 2004