A sneak peak at what will be at the show in Phoenix from March 29-April 2.

Each year, ACSM sponsors an annual conference with exciting opportunities for learning the latest techniques and procedures, networking and much more. This year’s gathering will take place in Phoenix from March 29 to April 2. The 2003 conference will highlight new directions for the national organization serving surveyors and mappers, a prospectus for the future of the profession, and capabilities and technologies important to the many specialties of the geomatics industry. In the next few pages, we provide you a sneak peak at a few products you’ll see from some of the participating industry vendors and a look into a few interesting events.

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Manufacturer Offerings

Autodesk Inc. CAiCE Visual Survey
CAiCE Visual Survey models your survey data using intelligent 3D object-based models in a comprehensive and interactive environment. CAiCE Visual Survey automates the entire survey workflow, including importing and processing data, defining existing topographic and terrain data, and producing the easiest and fastest digital terrain model. By integrating proven processing techniques, the most advanced graphical editing tools and easy-to-use customization capabilities, the entire surveying process is streamlined to increase user productivity.

Civil Series
The Autodesk Civil Series offers a complete toolset for civil engineering and surveying professionals. Whether you need to communicate survey data, incorporate raster imagery, design or visualize any type of civil engineering project, Autodesk Civil Series provides the tools you need to get your plans done. Based on the power of AutoCAD, the Autodesk Civil Series provides great value and flexibility in design to tackle any civil engineering project.

Cyra’s CloudWorx Pro v2.0.

Cyra Technologies Inc.
A Leica Geosystems company

CloudWorx Pro v2.0
Cyra Technologies’ new CloudWorx Pro v2.0 enables users to automatically create accurate piping drawings and models directly in AutoCAD from point clouds (i.e. laser scan files) captured by Cyrax 3D laser scanners. Users can now also selectively load individual scans from different scanner positions, rather than having to work with the full, complete set of registered scans. CloudWorx Pro v2.0 also lets users create and view point cloud slices/sections and save/restore them as needed. The CloudWorx 2.0 “Basic” module is intended for users who simply want to view point clouds and slices in AutoCAD, plot them, extract distance measurements and manually trace over point cloud slices to create 2D drawings. The “Pro” module includes all functionality of the Basic module, plus automatic pipe modeling and the ability to fully manage point clouds and 2D slices.

Bentley’s GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite.

Bentley Systems Incorporated

GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite
GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite is the MicroStation-based field-to-finish solution for transportation/civil projects of all types. Comprehensive modules address the workflow through construction: survey, site, road, hydrology, hydraulics, geotechnical and bridge design. Multi-user access enables simultaneous, interactive design/engineering. The software can handle virtually any design circumstance and create cross sections at any point along an alignment. Unique Criteria capabilities offer easy customization in a civil engineering context. Multi-view visual design, easy change management and flexible plans production/reporting are hallmarks of the solution.

Bentley’s GEOPAK Survey.
GEOPAK SurveyGEOPAK Survey software utilizes field data to create finished drawings within MicroStation. GEOPAK Survey supports two-way transfer—all formats and collectors. The software creates terrain models from graphics, ASCII XYZ and DEMs. It uses TIN methodology to determine contours, spots, breaks, islands, voids, etc. Powerful map-editing tools allow graphic data to be edited on-the-fly and retained in the survey database. An extensive feature library automates symbology, annotation and connectivity. Users have complete review of generated features.

Bentley’s InRoads Survey.
Bentley InRoads
InRoads is an advanced, integrated road and highway design solution available on two CAD platforms: MicroStation or AutoCAD. Capabilities support corridor design as well as road widening and resurfacing. A model-based approach addresses multiple design conditions while producing accurate results. InRoads includes advanced DTM capability, associative alignments with spirals, user-defined typical sections—including superelevation and independent slope and ditch control—and parametrically driven decision tables. Users can automate the extraction of plan, profile and cross section sheets to meet their project standards.

Bentley InRoads Survey
InRoads Survey is a graphical tool for two-way transfer and reduction of data from EFBs and GPSs. Fully integrated with the InRoads family, the software runs on MicroStation or AutoCAD. It produces plot-ready graphics immediately upon receiving field data. Users can display contours, adjust surveys and visually verify results onsite. InRoads Survey includes DTM creation and dynamic editing of errors in graphics mode. Surveyed surfaces can be displayed as contours or triangles, visually verified and adjusted using a variety of methods.

Eagle Point’s SMI Flex GPS.

Eagle Point

Eagle Point has partnered with NavCom Technology to deliver a revolutionary GPS solution. SMI Flex GPS gives you extraordinary power, unprecedented simplicity, exceptional service and incomparable value, all packaged together into a unique GPS solution.

Leica Geosystems’ TPS1100 with PowerSearch.

Leica Geosystems

TPS1100 with PowerSearch
Leica Geosystems now offers PowerSearch technology on the TPS1100 Professional Series robotic total stations. With just the touch of a button, PowerSearch enables the prism to be found within just a few seconds. Significant time savings are realized during the initial search or in regaining lock after interruptions. And since PowerSearch doesn’t need a special prism or equipment—and no cables or extra batteries—the pole and controller remain uncluttered and lightweight. TPS1100 with PowerSearch offers more power for faster surveying.

Allegro CE
The Allegro CE is a new surveying data collector that offers performance, flexibility, reliability and expandability. Rugged and lightweight, this field PC is built to work with both GPS and total stations, and features a large bright display, alphanumeric keyboard, long-life battery and large removable storage capacity. Leica’s Allegro CE features Carlson SurvCE data collection software with advanced features for data management, CAD, roading and more.

Leica Geosystems‘ Allegro CE.
Long Range RTK
Leica’s GPS System 500 with long range RTK allows users to increase their productive work area substantially. Using cellular communications with Leica’s System 500 extends the RTK range significantly, providing accurate, reliable results at 35 km+ from a base station. Additionally, Leica’s System 500 comes with the unique CheckMate technology onboard. This technology provides automatic, continuous RTK integrity monitoring that will ensure reliable and accurate centimeter level results for GPS surveying.

MicroSurvey’s FieldGenius XG.

MicroSurvey Software Inc.

FieldGenius XG
With FieldGenius XG, MicroSurvey creates the most powerful graphics possible on a Windows CE device, making it easier to zoom, pan or view data in a 3D perspective. XG is the first data collector to create surface models and contours as measurements are taken with a total station. FieldGenius XG can import complex DXF CAD drawings with blocks, text and other entities. To make data export easier, the program creates Autodesk Land Development Desktop Field Book (FBK) files with points, connectivity and raw data. FieldGenius XG introduces advanced Heads Up Display (HUD). Shots, points and line information are instantly HUD displayed on top of the drawing—no switching screens or views between graphics and text screens. Smart Menus provide options at the right time to make work fast and easy.

Nikon’s DTM-502 series total station.

Nikon Instruments Inc.

DTM-502 Series Total Station
The newly designed DTM-502 series total station allows for a faster, more accurate data collection process and boasts a new, more user-friendly display system, an enhanced onboard software system, a 10,000-point onboard storage capacity (accommodating up to 32 separate jobs) and a new keyboard design. Offering incomparable angle and distance measuring performance and reliability, it provides an initial distance measurement of only one second with 0.5 second updates with ±(2+2 ppm x D) mm accuracy.

NPL-302 Series Total Station
The NPL-302 series reflectorless total station, boasting two new models, the NPL-352 and the NPL-332, offers various improvements over the NPL-350 reflectorless total station, including higher distance measurement accuracy to prisms (3 mm), faster distance measurement and a longer (200 m) non-prism distance range. Additionally, this new series provides expanded data storage of 10,000 points, an enhanced on-board software system and waterproof (IPX6) construction.

DTM-302 Series Total Station
The DTM-302 series total station offers a longer distance range of 2,000 m/6,560 ft with a single prism, an expanded 10,000-point data storage capacity and an enhanced on-board software system. Providing a faster distance measurement of 1.0 second (or 1.6 seconds precise measurement), the DTM-302 also boasts a waterproof (IPX6) construction and has a longer battery life.

Sokkia’s Series 30R reflectorless total station.

Sokkia Corporation

Series 30R Reflectorless Total Station
The Series 30R reflectorless total station measures remote distances more accurately. The Series 30R’s extremely narrow, visible red laser precisely pinpoints difficult positions such as small objects, the edges of walls and targets at steep angles. And because its laser is so narrow, it can “shoot” through chain-link fences, trees and busy street traffic—eliminating the need to enter private property.

To broaden the appeal of GPS to small-sized companies, Sokkia offers an RTK price program for its GPS systems. The Radian ($25,740), Radian/Radian IS ($28,740), GSR2600 ($29,740), GSR2600/Radian IS ($30,740) and Radian IS ($31,740), make up the RTK price program. Spectrum Survey Suite post-processing and adjustment software is also available for an additional $3,995.

Thales Navigation’s ProMark2 Kinematic.

Thales Navigation

ProMark2 Kinematic
GPS Survey System

Thales Navigation’s ProMark2 with kinematic capabilities is the first kinematic GPS survey system to combine precise positioning and street navigation capabilities in one compact solution. ProMark2 Kinematic offers data collection 100 times faster than static GPS systems, one-person operation and no line-of-sight requirement between points. It features post-processed, centimeter-level survey capabilities and stand-alone, real-time, 3.5-meter reconnaissance and navigation. ProMark2 is about half the cost of other GPS surveying systems and it provides additional long-term savings in manpower and by letting users span long distances with single observations.

Thales Navigation’s iCGRS System.
iCGRS System
Thales Navigation’s Internet-Enabled Continuous Geodetic Reference Station (iCGRS) system is the first GPS receiver to provide direct Internet connectivity with a 12-channel, dual-frequency continuously operating geodetic reference station, making a laptop or other computer system unnecessary for data control, monitoring or downloading. Designed for a wide range of scientific, engineering, land survey and GIS applications, iCGRS is a comprehensive solution in one durable, waterproof box, eliminating the need for expensive adaptors or additional computers.

Topcon’s Integrated GPS System.


Integrated GPS System
The Topcon HiPer-GGD is a fully integrated GPS receiver and antenna with GPS+ tracking ability. Combined with an internal RTK communication system and external field computer, it is the most compact advanced RTK rover system available. GPS+ is Topcon’s advanced global positioning technology that allows dual-constellation satellite tracking—GPS L1/L2 and GLONASS—for maximum productivity. Combined with Topcon’s superior signal processing and interference reduction, GPS+ virtually eliminates downtime due to poor satellite coverage or an obstructed sky view.

Topcon’s FC-1000 Field Controller.
FC-1000 Field Controller
The new FC-1000, Topcon’s new Windows CE field controller, incorporates key features to make data collection and distribution easier than ever. The waterproof FC-1000 includes a removable, compact flash card data storage so it can quickly expand available memory to meet any need, and download or transfer data between PCs without connecting so it’s available for field use at all times. Three comm ports include USB, DB-9 and a six-pin port for direct connection to Topcon total stations.

Trimble’s 5600 DR Total Station.


5600 DR Total Station
Visit the Trimble booth at ACSM to learn about the new DR EDM options for the 5600 DR Total Station—DR Standard for precision work and DR300+ for extended long-range work. DR Standard delivers measurements ideal for building and structural surveys. The DR300+ provides the longest range DR measurement capability currently available. Distances of more than 600 m can be measured to white surfaces and gray surfaces of only 18 percent reflectivity can be measured from up to 300 m away.

Trimble’s 5800 RTK Rover.
5800 RTK Rover
Trimble will also display the revolutionary new 5800 GPS RTK Rover with Bluetooth-enabled ACU controller for cable-free surveying. With cable-free operation and color graphical capabilities, these new additions to the Trimble Toolbox of Integrated Surveying solutions allow you to save time and money while achieving major improvements in workflow efficiency. The 5800 RTK Rover is the world’s first survey-grade GPS system with Bluetooth technology.

Trimble’s ACU controller with Survey Pro.
ACU Controller with Trimble Survey Pro
Trimble will also perform a demonstration of Trimble Survey Pro software for the Bluetooth-enabled ACU controller. Designed specifically for surveyors familiar with TDS, the software allows users to take advantage of Trimble’s new ACU controller. Trimble Survey Pro software is based on TDS’s Survey Pro.The ACU controller, representing the next generation in survey controllers, is designed to work with Trimble’s portfolio of surveying systems.

Tripod Data Systems' ForeSight DXM.

Tripod Data Systems

ForeSight DXM
TDS’s new ForeSight DXM (Data eXchange Manager) software gives users better ways to view, manage and analyze survey data. Users can quickly transfer files from most data collectors to their laptops or PCs to see surveys graphically. ForeSight DXM lets users manage project files, check data for accuracy and completeness, make simple edits and prepare data for the field survey or CAD development.

Tripod Data Systems‘ Recon handheld.
TDS Recon Handheld
The new, rugged TDS Recon handheld combines test-proven durability, innovative technology and affordability. The Recon’s IP67 rating means it is waterproof and impervious to dust, and it meets tough military standards for drops and both low- and high-temperature operation. Featuring Windows CE, the Recon uses a color TFT display readable even in bright sunlight. Starting at $1,799 bundled with TDS software, the complete Recon data collection system is priced comparable to a complete HP 48GX system.

Conference Events

NSPS Trig-Star Awards The NSPS Trig-Star committee determined the recipients of the 2002 Richard E. Lomax National Trig-Star scholarships and Teaching Excellence Awards, which will be presented at the NSPS Board of Governors meeting at the ACSM-APLS Conference. Candidates included 27 state winners from 26 participating states. The scholarship recipients are as follows:

First Place: Po-Ru Loh, James Madison Memorial High School, Wisconsin
Second Place: Ling-Lun (Bob) Hsia, Mills E. Godwin High School, Virginia
Third Place: Paul Choi, Lee High School, Massachusetts

The Richard E. Lomax National Teaching Excellence Awards will be presented to:

First Place: Victor Levine, James Madison Memorial High School, Wisconsin
Second Place: Barry Kreisa, Mills E. Godwin High School, Virginia
Third Place: Tom Cinella, Lee High School, Massachusetts

A past president of NSPS, Richard Lomax was the driving force behind the elevation of the local Trig-Star program to the national level. In October 1994, the NSPS Board named this high school trigonometry skill award in his honor.